The Manor of Danby, an area of about fifty square miles, is situated in the upper Esk Valley. It’s home to five villages, four hamlets the Camphill Village Trust complex and many farms with a population of around 3,000. The Danby Court Leet holds jurisdiction over the common land within the Manor of Danby, about 15,000 acres, mostly moorland, village greens and green lanes.

This common land belongs to the Dawnay Estates, the current Lord Downe being Lord of the Manor, and encompasses 150 common garths ie ancient enclosures from garden size to one acre or more, plus thirty common enclosures of field size, allowed for grazing during times of food scarcity.

The Danby Court Leet, made up of a Jury of 13 local men, is responsible for the administration of this common land. The Court Leet sits at Danby Castle, with regular Jury meetings through out the year in the Jury room, and holds an annual Court in October in the Court Room

Map of common land within the manor of danby